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Lace Tile - Product Image
Omni Board Lace Tile
Good morning! Today I'm sharing my first official post with Rebecca Baer®, Inc. I have created a field book with the Omni Board Lace Tile. I love making little books and saw this tile and knew it would be covers of a book! A field book is something that you can take with you--you know, out in the field. I filled this one with blank pages and pocket pages using my Bind-it-all so that I could take notes, or doodle, or collect leaves and flowers. This is one of my favorite parts of the year and this will fit nicely in my backpack! The Omni Board comes in several shapes and sizes and is an awesome surface. It's lightweight, paintable, sandable, excellent for Mixed Media!

Painted Digital Papers | Cafe - Product Image
Painted Digital Papers | Cafe
I prepared my tile for covering with Rebecca Baer® Painted Digital Papers by applying 2 thin layers of Gilded Stenciling Adhesive. I let them dry to clear both times and then layed the paper over the tile and secured with my brayer. I next cut around the tile with a craft knife and traced inside the lace pieces to get the paper out of the curvy pieces. This process can be tedious. I use little pieces of sand paper and dental tools to help remove excess glue and paper from the lace holes. I sand all edges of the tile and lightly sand over the "lacy" part. Next all edges are inked with brown distress ink.

Rebecca's Painted Digital Papers are gorgeous. I love this Cafe pack. The lighter papers are great to apply stenciling and stamping on top of and the darker colors are so rich and warm...just beautiful. I printed my papers to use for covering the Omni Board on regular weight bright white paper using an HP color laser printer. For the inside pocket pages I used a lightweight bright white card stock.

The Omni Board Lace tile comes with 2 pieces and some spacers. There is a square that can be popped up with the spacers on the front of the tile. I prepared the front with sanding and adhered light paper on top as above. 

This time I used the beautiful two-part daisy stencils. The two-part stencil provides you with a silhouette of your image and a detail line of your image. This is great for the doodler in me. I could use just the silhouette and create my own doodles or use the detail stencil for the perfect line or highlights to the flowers. Before stenciling the silhouettes, I position my flowers and the stamp I want to use to see how they will fit on the front tile. When I'm happy with the arrangement I secure my 1st stencil with the RB Mini Masking Tape--I LOVE this little adhesive! It's small, thin and not too sticky. You don't have to worry about it pulling up your paper when you remove it. YAY! 

Blooming Daisy Stencil | 
Wild Daisy Stencil | ST-503
RB Mini Masking Tape
RB Artisteô Stenciler 

With the RB Artiste™ Stenciler I applied acrylic paint to the silhouette. This is a beautiful brush.
"Our brushes produce exceptionally crisp lines down to the finest detail. This is possible due to our unique feather-touch tips that are pure natural bristle. Our RB Artisteô Stenciler has a short, contoured wood handle with a satin finish that offers a velvety feel."
I've used this brush with several applications now and find that its "feather-touch" is awesome with both ink and paint. I've used it for removing the delicate gilded bits when doing gilding with the adhesive. I need more of these in my life! It works perfectly with Rebecca Baer's detailed stencils. 

Kindness In Season Stamp
To complete my little book I added the sentiment stamp :Kindness is always in Season! I love these stamps. They are red rubber on foam cling and have beautiful crisp lines. You can use them with your acrylic blocks, or like I did on the video below use an acrylic ruler. I stamped the sentiment in brown which complimented my beautiful papers and stenciling perfectly.

I hope you enjoy my project! All supplies mentioned are available at the link below! Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to check out posts from my teammates each Tuesday and Thursday!


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