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GOOD MORNING!! Today I'm officially announcing my new journey with Rebecca Baer! I created this journal page a while back for the Chartpak Travelling Journal using fabulous Rebecca Baer products that I can't wait to share with you in the upcoming months--today is simply an introduction!

Honeycomb Stencil - Product Image
Honeycomb Stencil ST-609
For this journal page, I used Chartpak's Clearprint Vellum Field Book. I began by swirling various shade of yellow distress ink on my surface with the larger RB Artiste™ Stenciller. I then placed my small Honeycomb stencil on the surface and held it in place with RB Mini Masking Tape. Using the larger RB Artiste™ Stenciler, I swirled on various shades of brown distress ink. once happy with coverage in one area, I lifted the stencil and moved to another area. To get above look I used just parts of the stencil in some places, turning and flipping the stencil to meet my needs.  When the complete surface was done I heated the distress inks to dry them fully. 
RB Mini Masking Tape for Artists and Quilters - Product Image
RB Mini Masking Tape
Using the stencil and various black liners I traced back over parts of the honeycomb. This was made
 easier by holding the stencil in place with RB Mini Masking Tape. Some parts of the stencil [like the tendril-like swirls and the comb and circles] were incorporated straight from the stencil and tangled. Other tangles were created on my own to fill in the doodle. White pastel pencil was added to the doodle to highlight certain features.
RB Artiste(TM) Stenciler - Product Image
RB Artiste™ Stenciler
Gilded Stenciling Adhesive
Finally, using the Gilded Stenciling Adhesive I stenciled the inside of the bee and set it aside to dry. Once dry the adhesive is tacky...perfect for adding gilding bits. The soft bristles of the RB Artiste™ Stenciler were perfect for removing the excess gilding. I re-positioned the stencil over the bee to trace his outline and added a few details with my pen.
These collage stencils are so much fun to work with...so many elements within one stencil! I hope you enjoy this doodled journal page! I can't wait to share with you all the amazing mixed media tools and products in Rebecca Baer's store! Be sure to tell her I sent you by using my link provided below!
Supplies available through the above link
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