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Good Morning! Today I've created little fiber art necklaces and pin using Rebecca Baer® stencils! I love handmade jewelry and am fascinated by the textures and mixed media feel of these little denim pendants. This is super easy and with one 6" square of fabric you could make a dozen or so pendants for sharing with your friends and family! I hope you enjoy my tutorial below!

Begin with a piece of fabric. I am using upcycled denim. I chose this beautiful Secret Garden stencil in the small for the above pendant. I also chose the lovely Enchanted Vine Stencil in small for a second project that I'm sharing below using the same technique.

Secret Garden Stencil - Product Image Enchanted Vine Stencil - Product Image

I applied Embossing Powder Adhesive to my fabric through the stencil so that it looks like it was stenciled with a darker shade of blue. Then I applied Embossing Powder and heat set it to melt the powder onto the jeans. 

I have not tested this for something that would need to be washed so I don't know if it would stand up to the wear and tear of that process. The results of the embossing powder on the denim is awesome though!

Above you see the result of a turquoise colored emboss powder on the denim...striking. However I wanted something with a bit more depth for the pendent today. For today's pendant, I decided to add one more element--I misted an opaque color mist first onto the denim.

Next I turned my stencil and proceeded with the embossing powder adhesive and the emboss powder...you can see the effect in the details of the pendant below.

I finished my pendant by fashioning a little hanger with some black annealed wire. I cut a strip of my stenciled fabric and attached it to the hanger with sewing. I then added a selection of charms to the front. Then I raveled the bottom of the pendant by cutting strips and removing the shorter fibers that remained. 

This little friendship pendant was completed in a similar manner...I cut little strips and attached it to the safety pin. I then attached a little bitty pin with beads to the front. 

All supplies mentioned are available at the link below! Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to check out posts from my teammates each Tuesday and Thursday!

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