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Good Morning! Today I've created a fatbook page using Rebecca Baer® Stencils. Fatbook pages are similar to ATCs in that they are little works of art that are traded among friends--they are 4x4" in size and sometimes they are bound into a book.

Stars & Stripes Stencil - Product ImagePainted Digital Papers | Seafarer - Product ImageFor this project I used the small Stars & Stripes stencil and the Seafarer Painted Digital Paper from Rebecca's digital line. To begin I printed the darkest papers along with another print that I thought I would *play* with in the size that I was going to need 4x4" I did this by "formatting" my image to that size in my Publisher program. I could print out 4 squares easily on my standard  card stock. I used a color laser printer for my project so the ink does not become a muddy mess with the mixed media play, if you do not have a personal color laser printer, you can have your documents printed at an office supply store for a small fee.

RB Mini Masking Tape for Artists and Quilters - Product ImageI trimmed out my papers to 4x4" and began with my stencil. Using the mini masking tapes I help my stencil into place while I added a thick pigment ink to the stencil to hold my copper embossing powder. While I used a brown ink, the color really will not matter as the embossing powder covered opaquely and none of the color showed through. I heat set the embossing powder.

RB Classique(TM) Angles - Product ImageNext I began layering on red paint around the edges. Using a wide brush in the RB Classique(TM) Angles set, I pulled my brush in towards the center of the fatbook tile. I used a wet wipe to remove some of the paint, especially on the embossed edges to give it a "antiqued" look. 
Next I took out my black detail pens and pastel pencils and went around the stars and curves of the stencil with white and black. I doodled around the edge of the tile and added white paint pen dots to the curves. 

I then replaced the stencil over the top of the tile and using my white paint pen went over the "strips" where the melted emboss powder was. I wiped away paint with my wet wipe again, leaving some of the lines and smearing the rest.  

To adhere the torn denim to the side I placed down a strip of double stick tape on the tile and then also on the back of my strip of denim. I was able to pleat the denim and have it hold in place. I added a little burlap bow and some bling to the tile to complete the embellishments.

I completed my tile by handwriting lyrics from patriotic songs and phrases of freedom and liberty that hold meaning with me along the stripes. 

I hope you enjoyed my little piece of art today! All supplies mentioned are available In Rebecca Baer's store at the link below! Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to check out posts from my teammates each Tuesday and Thursday!

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