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Good Morning! Today we're participating in leslierahye's International Fairy Day Blog Hop! We are just one stop on this hop celebrating Fairies! Be sure to follow the link back to leslierahye's blog to check out all of the fun artists!
Today I made a fairy garden using Rebecca Baerô Stencils, stencil gel and brushes. Beautiful textures can be created with the stencil gel and the collage stencils! Follow along to create your own fairy garden.

RB Classique(TM) Angles - Product ImageI began by prepping my surface. I was using the back side of a small stretched canvas so I applied gesso to the wood, and back side of the canvas. Applying gesso prepares my surface to take mists, acrylics and adhesives without having to use a large amount of product. After the gesso dried I began layering on newsprint and torn corrugated cardboard [a tip to remove the paper on to reveal the ripples of the corrugated board, mist the surface with water and let it set to soak in, the top paper will then easily pull off.].

Once dry I began applying stencil gel to the canvas on the edges of the stretcher frame and on the surface. The stencil gel dries clear leaving areas that will be semi transparent under the mists. I used the Enchanted Vine Stencil and the Moroccan Tile and Vine Stencil  along with Rebecca Baer's Stencil Gel to create this beautiful texture.
Moroccan Tile & Vine Stencil - Product ImageEnchanted Vine Stencil - Product ImageRB Stenciling Gel - Product Image

Next I applied mists in pinks, blues, purples and greens to create a mystical fairy garden.


I added gold distress paint to the stencils and textures and wiped with a cloth to enhance the texture designs. Additional paint was added to create small patterns across the canvas. I added more visual texture with some of the swirls by misting a contrasting color like white or gold over the top. 

I completed the canvas with die cuts and handmade flowers and liquid pearls tucked in here and there. A die cut "believe" captures the essence of the fairy garden where you only see the shadows of the little winged beings today...as the flitter about the flowers and gates in the darkness of the summer sky!

I hope you enjoyed my Fairy Garden Canvas today! All supplies mentioned are available In Rebecca Baer'sÆ store at the link below! Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to check out the rest of the posts along the blog hop! You can get back to the list here : 

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