Marie-Christine | Mixed Media Collage Canvas

Hello friends,
Marie-Christine with you today for my Friday tutorial.

I show you a small canvas with acrylic paints and collage.
I used the Rebecca Baer's "Meadowview stencil" ST-1220 (Large Size).

My canvas

How to do

First, paint the canvas with green acrylic paint and wait for complete drying.

Put the stencil on canvas.

Put the pink acrylic paint on the stencil with a large brush. 

Carefully,  remove the stencil and let dry.

Choose an image and paste it into the bottom of the canvas. 

Then, glue two pieces of lace from each side of the image.

 With a marker delimit the contour of the image and the lace.

Colour  some details of the image and draw some little circles above the laces.

Cut a hat in a magazine and glue it on the woman's head.
Delimit the contour of the hat.

Draw circles with markers in the top of the canvas and on the hat.
Put small pieces of masking tape on the canvas and write a sentence on one side. 

 Your canvas is finished!

Thanks for stopping by the Rebecca Baer's blog today!!!

Material that I Used

Acrylic paints
Masking Tape
Image from Pinterest and magazine

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